The Festival de l’Artisanat was held in the parish hall of The Sign of the Theotokos on Saturday, September 30, 2006. Fifteen artisans, most members of The Sign, sold their crafts and creations. They included:

Alexander Press:
John Hadjinicolaou selling books, icons, cassettes, CDs

Linen Plus:
Helena Waverchuck selling linens with Ukrainian embroidery

Sylvia Strokowsky & Maurice Strokowsky selling teddy bears, scarves
Paintings: Mariana Grimanis selling her oil & watercolor paintings
Alba Enr: Alba Kassabgi selling Swarovski glass & Murano Glass
IADA Creations: Maria Cremanzidis & Iada Carlone selling handmade chocolates, embroidery
Crafts: Sylvia Strokowsky & Mariana Grimanis selling quilting, bags, pillows

Verre-Ni-Verre: Cathy Strokowsky & Suzy Keryczynski selling blown glass and jewelry

Fay Frank selling eye compresses
Centre Emmaus: Horia Roscanu selling Icons & Book on Hesychasm

Les Lucioles: Lesley-Ann Judge selling handmaide beeswax candles
Lebanese: Caroline Malhame & Leo Martin selling Lebanese items
Icons: Claude St-Pierre selling icons he wrote
Arifili Distr: Helen Sgouros selling purses, wallets, etc
Georgian: Elizabeth Babuadze selling icons and Cloisonne Jewelry

In addition to the vendors, there was a Bake sale of items prepared by members of The Sign, and also a spaghetti luncheon. A raffle gave away 50 prizes including a 20″ LCD TV and a beautiful rug.